"I would have acted like Del Potro"






Cañas backs up the decision of Del Potro to have gone to the Masters and showed his annoyance about not having been called for the final: There was no logical reason.


"I saw the tie sitting on a stair because I had a seat far at the top and I prefered to be closer".

There is no complaint when you listen to Guillermo Cañas, yes realism in his sentence to describe how he saw the defeat against Spain, as a fan looking for a reasonable spot in a full stadium. But Willy is not a common spectator and was part in this dissolving process. And yes there emerges the complaint, the annoyance, the helplessness and sadness. "If I have excluded myself from the final? No, never. The Davis Cup is something I always wanted. Even when I was injured against Belarussia (2004) and Sweden (2007). I turned 31 and it was one of the goals of my career. In addition I may not have another chance like that", he began to unload on radio La Red..

An unloading which followed after having mentioned Gumy or Jaite as possible future captains. "The Davis Cup is like being selected for the football team. I did much to be there with this generation. It would have been something special, a historical moment, and that´s why I have a big annoyance for not having been there without a logical reason".

Having been in the middle of the public in the Polideportivo de Mar del Plata allowed him to perceive the feelings of the people, and that led to another controversial topic of the weekend: the presence of Del Potro at the Masters, criticized in private by Nalbandian himself. "I definitely feel sorry for all - added Cañas-. It also hurted me to listen to a spectator criticizing Juan Martín, I found it very hard. A guy who´s reached everything in the last six months, it´s logical that he would arrive being a bit tired... I would have acted like he".

-- Do you think that Nalbandian would have gone to China in case of a win in Paris?

-- I don´t think so, he would have prepared the Davis Cup like he´s done it. But that are different moments. You cannot deny the chance to go to the Masters to a 20 year old guy. Even if he´s going to play 10 more Masters, it was the first and you never know what may happen in a career of an athlete. It´s very unfair that he´s criticized for that.

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